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Tranquility & Wellness
through Holistic
Health Care

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Our vision is to provide the most comprehensive personal care for everyone who comes through our doors. Each individual is treated according to your needs and is supported throughout your entire healing process!

Kundalini Shuniya
Teacher Training

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The Universal TeacherTM

Sacred Yoga and Meditation Teachings for the Evolving Human

Expand your horizons
Ongoing Kundalini
Yoga & Meditation

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Learn to Relax, live in balance, and awaken your highest consciousness. Become more flexible, get rid of stress and achieve greater peace of mind with Kundalini Yoga!

Upcoming Events

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There's a great deal of engaging programs and courses for beginners and experts. Learn more about upcoming teachings, classes, and workshops.

40 Days Unlimited Yoga
& Meditation for $40!

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Begin today to create a new sense of vitality and wellness with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

You can transform your life in 40 days.

For new people to our center ~ Offer includes ongoing yoga and meditation classes

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