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Losing weight without dieting.

November 29, 2022
 Losing weight without dieting.

Greetings with much peace!

Here are a few thoughts which may help your journey of simultaneously losing weight and creating vital health!

Losing weight isn't just about what we eat.  Of course, this is vitally important, although when out of synch with the natural rhythms of elimination, digestion, and assimilation, even when eating the most healthy organic food, we can still create excess weight. 

The natural time for elimination is the morning.  Most people will have a bowel movement soon after rising. Upon rising, I recommend a quart of water to fully flush the liver, kidneys and intestines.  Decreasing stress on the kidneys as well as the stomach, small intestine and colon is essential for vitality.  As we clear these organs they can have optimum functioning to clear toxins and waste from the night and day before.  "According to colon cleanse providers (colonic hygienists), an adult can have between 5 and 20 pounds of residual stool in their large intestine (colon), leading to health problems such as excess weight gain, fatigue, and brain fog."  This amount sounds extreme, although the colon is a highly convoluted organ which can hold decaying food in the various pockets, leading to toxics filtering through the intestinal wall and into the blood. 

Water by itself heals.  Some of the benefits of increased hydration include:  thinner blood, increased heart health, increased circulation, increased waste removal, flushes toxins, increase nutrient absorption, increases energy and alertness, supports muscle building, enhances one's complexion, boosts immune system, enhances brain function, decreases headaches, prevents kidney stones, uplifts your state of mind, prevents cramps, supports joints and tendons, decrease bad breath, decreases back pain and much more!

So the first step is 3-4 quarts of water each day!

We next need to look at the times of day.  As I said before the morning is an elimination cycle.  You want to clear the bowels, kidneys, liver and blood before eating.  This is the time for lots of water, warm teas, warm water with lemon, warm water with cumin and ginger (helps to break down belly fat), juicing or light soups.  It is also good to exercise in the morning as well.  According to Ayurveda principles, it is best have the main meal when the solar energies are the strongest, which is around 12 noon to 1:00 pm.  This time increases the gastric juices and activates the optimum energies for digestion.  The digestive cycle is at this time...not later in the evening or night time.   Thirty percent of your body energy goes into digestion.  When we aren't digesting food, these resources will go other places in the body.

One of the main reasons for weight gain is eating after 6:00 or 7:00 pm, even if you are eating healthy foods.  These foods won't be digested thoroughly.  If eating animal products and simple carbohydrates there will be a combination of putrefaction and fermentation that occurs in your gut that will create toxic by-products.   This is one of the main reasons for lethargy in the morning.  If you go to bed with an empty stomach, you will have more energy and your abdomin won't be as distended.   Make your last meal by 6:00 or 7:00 pm and you will notice a big difference in your weight and level of vitality. 

Preparing your food at home.  You want 90% of your meals to come from you own preparation and kitchen.

Eating out, even if it is a high quality restaurant or establishment will almost always have increase sugar, salt and other additives.  If it isn't a high quality restaurant, there will be much higher amounts of sugar and salt, as well as food additives, msg, gmos, herbicides, pesticides, potassium bromate, propylene glycol, calcium sulfate, phosphate additives,BHT, propyl gallate and preservatives such as tertiary butylhydroquinone.  Many people eat out these days, this is a contributing factor to weight gain and degenerative diseases.  During one of our cleanses, after the first week I asked a participant how she is doing?  She said she is doing very well, "I have lost 10 pounds!"  I said, "how did you lose 10 pounds in one week?"  She said, "I stopped going to Thai restaurants."   I know that some of the restaurants we go to have delicious food, although it is often made to taste delicious because of all of the additives and high salt and sugar content.  You will feel much better eating from home.  Putting your energy into your food will make a big difference. I would also not use added salt or sugar when preparing food and beverages.  Eliminating these 2 things makes a big difference!  

These are 3 things you can do each day, regardless of your diet, to help improve your health and to simultaneously lose weight.  I hope this helps! 

Best wishes on your journey of optimum wellness!

Dr Khalsa



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