Level II Teacher Training

Mind and Meditation Teacher Training
with Nirbhe Kaur and Mahan Rishi

October 9-11 and November 13-15, 2020
Training available both online and in person
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The Course of Study Will Include
    • Revisioning the mind from a meditative perspective
    • Identifying the filters of the mind and clearing the illusion of separateness
    • understanding the kleshas (afflictions of the mind) and moving beyond 
    • Non-dual approach to understanding mind & perspectives on life 
    • Mind and the brain ~Understanding consciousness and its' infinite possibilities 
    • The 8 dimensions of consciousness 
    • Mind, meditation and manifestation 
    • Mind and the 5 elements (tattvas) 
    • Pillars of meditation practice 
    • Cultivating a deeper meditative experience 
    • Creating a daily meditation practice 
    • The relationship between dharana and dhyana in meditation
    • The multiple dimensions of samadhi 
    • Shunyata shuniya - the supreme void and meditation on emptiness 
    • Mindfulness - on and off the cushion 
    • Cultivating the witness behind thoughts 
    • Discovering the intuitive heart
    • Understanding thought and the various structures of thought 
    • How we free karmic patterning and habitual tendencies 
    • The multiple facets of the mind
    • Stillness sitting and the importance of motionless sitting 
    • Nidra sitting meditation - guiding yourself within and others in their meditation practice 
    • Recognizing the polarities of mind 
    • The power of neutral presence and the awareness of pure being 
    • The Shabd Guru and chanting 
    • Living from a Sattvic perspective 
    • How sound and vibration liberate the mind 
    • Using mantra and sacred sound as a way to deepen our meditative mind 
    • Elevating our frequencies through universal sound and stillness
    • Creating from Source Consciousness 
    • Zen stories and poetry for introspective awakening 
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Teacher Training Pricing

Class Times: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm; Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Paid registration by Oct. 1st: $1,150
Payment includes $200 non-refundable deposit

Teaching includes multi-media tools, lectures, sitting & chanting practices, Kundalini yoga, group discussions

For Information please call 215-321-0305

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