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S.S. Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa, D.C.

Mahan Rishi Singh co-founded the Khalsa Healing Arts and Yoga Center in Yardley, PA. USA in 1989. He began studying yoga and meditation in 1973-4 and entered the Guru Ram Das Ashram in 1975. Having taught nationally and internationally, along with traveling numerous times to India, he seeks to bring the ancient wisdom and authentic devotional practices of yoga and meditation into everyday life. He has been leading retreats and yatras (spiritual pilgrimages) to India, Nepal and Tibet over the past 30 years. His experiences of the kundalini and subtle-energy currents of the etheric body have led him to guide his students toward Self-realization and illumination through Universal love and understanding. His vision is for each student to have an experience of vital energy, great joy, and liberating peace.

Mahan Rishi is also a doctor of Chiropractic and Herbal nutritionist. He graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1988. Through natural healing practices and holistic health care he guides his client toward optimum health and well-being. Dr. Khalsa seeks to awaken the vital spirit and heart of each individual on their journey of wholeness and liberation.

He graduated from the International School of Polarity Therapy in 1978 as a certified practitioner of Polarity Therapy utilizing various techniques of energy balancing through bio-energetic synchronization, meridian balancing via pulse diagnosis using both Chinese and Auryvedic traditions, and auric balancing through breathwork and yogic practices he helps to enhance the vital life force of your body, mind and spirit.

Also trained in Reiki, Yogic subtle body, crystal and aromatherapy healing practives he releases deep emotional and vibrational blocks, unleashing your profound potential and vital energy.

Dr. Khalsa has studied with yoga and healing masters from around the world for over 40 years, such as Yogi Bhajan, including some of the oldest known yogi's and dharma teachers, Swami Bua who still lives today at 119 in New York, and the world renowned Green Monk Bhante Dharmawara Mahatera who lived to 110. Dr. Khalsa's knowledge of herbology and nutrition is valuable for anti-aging as well as rejuvenation.

His experience over the past 30 years of tongue diagnosis and iridology give him deep insight into one's internal bio-chemistry. By integrating herbology, and various orthomolecular therapies (vitamins and minerals) he is able to guide you toward optimum health. As a healthy vegetarian for over 40 years he is able to guide you toward creating dietary habits which enhance your overall state of well-being.

Sessions with Mahan Rishi are gentle yet powerful, energizing and calming, creating a deep sense of peace and vitality.

S.S. Nirbhe Kaur Khalsa

Nirbhe Kaur's journey into the magnificent experience of Kundalini Yoga began in Michigan in 1972. A year later she moved into The Guru Ram Das Ashram in Princeton, NJ. Here she immersed herself into living a Yogic lifestyle, learned yogic cooking and living in group consciousness. She found that the daily group morning sadhana; group meals and daily seva nourished her heart and soul. She also lived for 4 months in the Ashram in Washington DC and worked and served at the infamous Golden Temple Restaurant run by the ashram.

In 1974 Nirbhe Kaur became a Minister of Sikh Dharma after recognizing her spiritual awakening into the Sikh way of life. As a minister she finds that facilitating weddings along with her husband Mahan Rishi Singh are among her favorite joys.

Teaching Kundalini began here in the Princeton Ashram and then reached out to YMCA and YWCA's in the Princeton community. From there she began to teach at Adult Night School's, Ryder College, Princeton University and for companies like Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, and in local Health Food Stores and Co-op's.

In 1989 Nirbhe Kaur and her husband Mahan Rishi Singh opened a Holistic Healing Center where Mahan Rishi Singh, a Chiropractor and nutritionist and Nirbhe Kaur, a Life Nourishing Massage Therapist work together to help to heal and nurture others health.

As her life experience in teaching evolved she and her husband, Mahan Rishi began teaching the Aquarian Teacher's Training Level One in the late 1990's and then before long went on to teach all 5 Modules of Level Two and the 21 Stages of Meditation courses. Each providing experiences for deeper learning, meaning and understanding of the phenomenal treasures of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. She often comments on how she is blessed to live a life where she daily shares the infinite gems and treasures found in the incredible practice of Kundalini Yoga.

Their teaching has taken them to teach at many Retreats Centers in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, Menla Retreat Center in New York, to Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Teacher's Training's in Japan, Turkey, Canada, and Iceland.

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