Thai Yoga Bodywork

In Thailand, bodywork is a staple of life. Most people receive Thai bodywork as a preventative measure to good health and well-being. The therapeutic benefits of Thai Yoga Treatments are highly effective in generating increased circulation of blood and lymph flow, as well as chi or pranic energy. 

Using simple compression techniques, joint mobilizations and stretches, Thai Treatments are both deeply relaxing and invigorating to the entire being.

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Thai Treatments are an all-encompassing bodywork modality where Tracey can do individual spot work for those with neck or back issues into a 90-minute session.

The 60-minutes sessions are general sessions to open the sen (energy lines) of the body for greater energy flow. Many people receive tremendous benefits just from a simple 60-minute

Since 2000 Tracey has been assisting others in healing their lives through yoga and other holistic modalities.  

When we are aligned, we become co-creators in the world we want to live in. And when enough people align to this Trueness, we can flip over reality systems from duality to Oneness. 

Let Tracey assist you in this shifting, utilizing yoga, healing, interactive card readings, retreats and other mentoring programs, workshops and trainings.

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Tracey L. Ulshafer

Author, Filmmaker, TV Show Host
 Experienced Yoga Teacher since 2000
Yoga School since 2003
NJ Licensed Massage Therapist
Reiki Master, Quantum Healer
Interfaith Minister, Doctor of Ministry

First session with consultation and Thai treatment  
Subsequent sessions

To schedule your session, please call: 215-321-0305

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